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Teach & Practice from anywhere, anytime 🌍.

Whether you are a teacher looking to teach, or a student looking to practice, we provide everything you need in a seamless all-in-one platform.


Hear what instructors around the world have to say.

Our instructors are our biggest fans. So much so that 50% of our new instructors come through referral from an existing vstudio instructor (without any incentive).

“Vstudio has been an ideal platform for my hybrid studio. While allowing people to reserve a space for a physical class, they're also able to take that same class in a live virtual format which has enabled me to reach more students with less effort. The added bonus of the membership features enables me to build an on-demand platform and a delivery service for my evergreen courses and workshops.  I'm impressed with the customer service team and their positive responses to ideas and suggestions the instructors bring to them.”

Carrie 🇺🇸
Teaching since 2009

“For me VStudio has been my friend in leaping into teaching in a way that I was uncomfortable in; and there is only so long you can tell your students to be uncomfortable and not practice it yourself. And the crew at V has been amazing from the details around programing of the platform to user experience for students/clients and for me as a teacher.”

Shay 🇸🇪
Teaching since 2010

“VStudio is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for in an online platform. The team is so incredibly helpful. It’s so easy to use for both me and my clients, payment and class registration is fast and simple, and I love the way that the library is organized.⁠”

Mackenzie 🇺🇸
Teaching since 2020

“Finally! I can focus on showing up to do what I do best, teaching yoga. Vstudio takes care of the rest! The amount of time vstudio saves me on admin work to run my yoga business has given me more freedom to spend time with my family and scale my business. What I value most is how simple and hassle-free the experience is for my students to register and how super easy it is to get paid.”

Jaffer 🇨🇦
Teaching since 2015

“VStudio makes teaching easy. I don't have to worry about sacrificing the quality of my video stream, sending reminder emails, or how I'm going to get paid. Vstudio allows me to focus on what yoga teachers should focus on: teaching.”

Molly 🇺🇸
teaching since 2020

“VStudio offers powerful features that have dramatically changed my life as a teacher. I don’t have to worry about technical things, even financial aspects. The image and audio quality is quite good and the service price is affordable. Last but not least, the vStudio team is available for support or advice. The platform is getting better and better every week!”

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Our Mission

To make it easy to stay active & well - together; through real instructors who really see you, anywhere you are.

online yoga and fitness
online yoga and fitness
Meet the founders

Built by a yoga teacher and a student.

They had a need, so they built the solution:
When the pandemic hit, Jayla needed a seamless, time saving solution to teaching online. Prasann missed the motivation and community of live classes, and was frustrated by cumbersome and fragmented signup processes of different teachers. So, as they say, the rest is history…


Everything you need. Actually.

Taking the tech out of teaching so you can focus on growing your business.


Get up and running in minutes

Setup your profile, create your first class and connect your bank account in a few easy steps.


All your offerings in one place

Live and recorded classes; workshops and trainings; memberships, class packs; private bookings; in-person offerings - you name it.


Earn at any level

Setup your business with no barrier. Get paid weekly with hassle free payments. Only pay us if you make money.

Seamless scheduling for online fitness

Seamless scheduling

Set it and forget it, we take care of the rest. We send your students confirmation/reminder emails and calendar invites. And, they only see your classes in their timezone.


Easy promotion

Share all offerings with your personal url (no website needed) or embed easily into any site. And, get discovered with our all classes page (beta).


Go global

We have students in 15+ countries using vstudio. Easily expand your audience or travel with ease with auto-timezone detection & 135 currencies. Getting new international students has never been easier.

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Your studio

Video conferencing designed for fitness and wellness

Nothing less, nothing more. Simple to use, yet with everything you need.
No more Zoom!


Large Class Size

See and host up to 50 students in an interactive virtual studio room, or up to 200 students in livestream room. Plus, zoom in to any student anytime, great when you have full classes.


One Click - Class Starts.

Once your start class, students will only see you while you see all your students. Plus, they can ask questions only you will hear. No more camera shy lonely classes.


High Quality Recordings

Unlike Zoom, recordings are from your camera not your screen, and student video/audio is never recorded. Plus, all recordings are stored in vstudio cloud for easy access.


Music Playlist

Music playlist button. Set it and forget it. No more link sharing.

... ...
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Our process makes it easy to start teaching in minutes.

Whether your are tech savvy or not, we know you can move your offerings online with our intuitive and seamless setup for you and your students.


Create profile

Add your bio, any links and profile picture and link your bank account to get paid. Less than 5 minutes to setup your profile.

Create your offerings

Add your offerings - classes, workshops, memberships and class packs.

Share with community

Share your public profile url with your audience or Embed on your website right away.

Get Paid

Get income from your offerings transferred directly into your bank account weekly on Fridays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most platforms are just "scheduling" platforms as they only provide you with a drop-in class schedule page that integrates with Stripe. You still need to pay for and integrate other services for video conferencing (Zoom), uploading videos (Vimeo) and maintaining your site (Wix/Squarespace). We are one of the very few truly all-in-one platforms with our own video conferencing (custom built for fitness classes), ability to upload videos, get high quality recordings, create multi-day programs, workshops, series and lots more. We also focus highly on simplicity of use to make sure everyone can intuitively use the platform without needing to be tech savvy. We have also hosted over 1000 live classes so we are much more reliable than most other platforms.

Zoom is built for team collaboration and not for yoga/fitness classes. With vstudio, we have developed our own video conferencing solution (no download required) which is custom built for yoga & fitness classes where you can host up to 50 participants face-to-face, your audio/video quality is always the highest and we have added some custom functionality such as once you start the class, you can choose to only allow you to see all participants and no one else to ensure a more comfortable experience for them. In addition, you will also get high quality video recordings where we only record instructor audio/video and no participants.

You can check our detailed pricing here.

Once you sign up, we will automatically create a custom profile page for you which will contain all your offerings (live classes, videos, programs, class packs, membership). Your students will be able to easily navigate and buy any of your offerings.

We support connecting bank account in 35 countries which includes most countries in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, UAE and few in Asia (Singapore, Japan). Here's a list. In terms of attending classes, anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can attend a vstudio class.

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